James Franco & Seth Rogen at it again, spoof Kimye Vogue cover

After spoofing Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s performances in the Bound 2 trailer, James Franco and Seth Rogen have targeted the couple once again with a spoof of their recent Vogue cover. Franco took to Instagram to share the photo, along with the caption “Seth! Love you, dog!”

Their spoof video ‘Bound 3′ racked up almost eight million hits on YouTube, with the caption stating that the pair were bored on the set of The Interview, and decided to interpret their ‘favourite video’. Their latest take on Kanye and Kim’s work has hitherto gained over 200,000 likes and rising since being published yesterday evening.

This begs the question, will they only target ‘Kimye’ in the future and is this a personal thing?

Another spoof of the April 2014 Vogue cover has gone viral, this time replaced by Miss Piggy and Kermit as part of the promotion for The Muppets: Most Wanted, which debuted this week. The photo was posted on the Miss Piggy official Facebook page, which has almost 900k likes, along with the following caption: “Kermie and Moi are honored to be featured on the cover of Vague as the #UniversesMostTalkedAboutCouple!! (Are you surprised, though?) [sic]”

Credit: Miss Piggy Facebook page.

Credit: Miss Piggy Facebook page.

What are your thoughts on the latest spoof against Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s relationship? Just harmless fun, or is it getting too far-fetched now? Comment below, or hit us up on Twitter: @flicksided.

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