'House of Thrones' goes viral: House of Cards meets Game of Thrones

A new YouTube parody entitled ‘House of Thrones’ has gone viral, clashing two of the most popular TV dramas in the US – House of Cards and Game of Thrones. The video comes courtesy of Quiznos and Toasty TV, and predominately follows the events of House of Cards lead character Frank Underwood commenting on different aspects of Game of Thrones and its cast. After the spotlight has gone on Game of Thrones with its fourth season airing, Underwood doesn’t seem too happy.

Toasty TV released ‘House of Thrones’ earlier this week, humouring fans of both House of Cards and Game of Thrones and amassing over 500,000 views as of March 27. The Kevin Spacey impersonation is particularly spot on in this video, with Ross Marquand playing the House of Cards’ lead role of Frank Underwood. Underwood uses a number of short jokes, has a pet dragon and finds Jon Snow on top of a cliff in this hilarious spoof.

‘Hunt or be hunted’ is the message in this funny three minute clip.

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