A Haunted House 2 Red Band Trailer Released




Marlon Wayans, star of Requiem for a Dream, star of basically every successful American parody film, has yet another coming to a theater near you, April 18.

Admittedly, I haven’t seen the first in the A Haunted House “series,” but here’s some trailer commentary for you anyways:

— When it began, I thought it was a 1:19 commercial YouTube wasn’t letting me skip. I was mistaken.

Paranormal Activity references!

— Squished dog. Sad face.

— Where is Anna Farris? Does Chris Pratt know she’s not involved in these things? He could kick some serious ass.

— Marlon Wayans’ character has relations with the doll from the beginning of The Conjuring. It could happen to anyone.

— The budget of the original A Haunted House was $2 million. It grossed 40 MILLION DOLLARS. In January. Safe to say, this movie will also make some amount of money.

I love horror movies and saw just about every horror flick that was released in the past 3 years; based on the trailers I have seen for Wayans’ film, it seems like this is basically A Haunted House.


What made the Scary Movie series and Not Another Teen Movie so enjoyable for audiences was finding the various movie references scattered throughout.

So feeling pretty mehhhhhhh about this.

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A Haunted House 2 hits theatres March 28.



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