'Night Moves' Trailer: Starring Jesse Eisenberg & Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning is all grown up (which will be said in every single one of her movies now until the end of time) and Jesse Eisenberg has a great social network (giggles), picking up solid role after solid role–this film looks to be no exception.

Or does it look to be The East with less corporate espionage and less Ellen Page? Where is Ellen Page?

Night Moves centers on the struggle of (and between) three environmentalists who are plotting to blow up a damn dam for some damn reason.

The trailer doesn’t give away much, which is honestly what a trailer should do in my opinion. Just like kids these days, trailers these days tend to overshare. He got a Coke Zero AGAIN?! Oh that Roman, incorrigible!

Here’s what we do know about Night Moves:

It looks pretty dark n’ dreary.

– Peter Sarsgaard plays the other leading role; I associate him most often with The Skeleton Key, which I do not think he would appreciate. To be quite honest, I love that film, and find hoodoo to be underrated.

Eisenberg’s other project set to release in 2014, The Double, starring a personal favorite–Mia Wasikowska, looks quite promising and is worth noting. The film is based upon the Dostoevsky novel of the same name, in which a man is driven mad by the presence of his own doppelgänger? It certainly looks more promising (both in terms of quality, intrigue, sheer weird, and box office potential) than this film. Its limited release date is May 9th.

It is directed by Kelly Reichardt, best known for the Michelle Williams’ film, Wendy and Lucy. Some lady goes crazy because she goes broke and her dog goes to the pound. Sounds similar to the plot of Oliver & Company. Wait….. not at all.

The release date is May 30

Paul Dano and Rooney Mara were also considered for the lead roles.

This film received somewhat tepid reviews at TIFF and the Venice International Film Festival, but hey, those guys are just le snobs. Don’t listen to them Dakota.

If the song Night Moves isn’t stuck in your head right now, then you’re just inhuman. Damn you Bob Seger!!!


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