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The Conjuring 2 in jeopardy due to new Warner Bros. lawsuit

The Conjuring was a big hit in 2013, grossing over $318 million from a $20 million budget and it is no wonder why Warner Bros. were quick to announce a sequel was in the works. However, any potential sequel may be put on hold after a new lawsuit has put a spanner in the works to both the planned second instalment, and a spin off entitled Annabelle.

Based on a true story, The Conjuring was one of the rare horrors to receive an overwhelmingly positive reception. The genre is a bitter-sweet one in which some fans find a film horrifying, and others laugh in its face, though The Conjuring was able to scare even the most hardcore of horror fans.

The sequel was scheduled for an October 2015 release, with the spinoff entitled Annabelle set for release this October. The lawsuit has put both films in danger after allegations from Evergreen Media Holdings and Tony Derosa-Grund that both the distributor and studio of the first film failure to compensate Ed and Lorraine Warren, the paranormal investigators who are portrayed throughout the film. The lawsuit details that ‘New Line’ were only given access to less than 1% of the Warrens’ files but did not meet these limitations, and refused to compensate them for any spinoffs or sequels.

Here is a passage from the lawsuit,

“Plaintiffs and New Line successfully developed and produced a hit theatrical motion picture entitled ‘The Conjuring’ based on one of the selected case files. Defendants, however, now seek to reap all of the profits from ‘The Conjuring’ while denying their financial obligations and failing to pay any profits to Plaintiffs. New Line has acted in badfaith and breached its agreements with Plaintiffs…”

The sequel is listed on IMDB with the subtitle ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’ and is scheduled for a 23 October 2015 release. New Line and Warner Bros. are planning to fight the suit, according to Huffington Post.

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