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Game of Thrones Honest Trailer

Game of Thrones returns April 6th and people are FREAKING OUT. Seriously, none of my friends watch this show, but I feel like all of my friends watch this show. It’s very confusing.


Because I myself have not seen the first three seasons of GoT in their entirety, I am taking a pass on watching this Honest Trailer; as a frequent visitor to the Screen Junkies YouTube channel, I know better. Spoilers. If you don’t want spoilers, watch a show the year that it airs Internet. No complaints.

Spoiler. There’s going to be jokes about–male genitals, boobs, swords, the Red Wedding, George R.R. Martin, its many characters, and of course–“where are the ****ing dragons!!????” Also, cleverer jokes for people who actually have watched/read this series.

Check out the GoT Season 1-3 Honest Trailer above, and let me know if it lives up to the Honest Trailer standards. Nothing will ever top Paranormal Activity’s Honest Trailer–“is she hot, or is it just her big beEeEEeeewwWwwbbBbzzZz?!”

We may never know.

And watch an older Screen Junkies production, An Idiot’s Guide to Game of Thrones here.


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