New Drake Track features a Jennifer Lawrence Shoutout

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Drake is back post-SNL (he was awesome btw) and, naturally, on his worst behavior with his new track,  Draft Day. Luckily, it is completely unrelated to the movie Draft Day I was Draking  praying was a prank by Jimmy Fallon and Company–no luck so far.

While the guy is always blowing up the Internet, this particular track, along the lines of Kendrick Lamar’s Control verse, is getting publicity not simply because of the Drake+Lauryn Hill sampling of it all–but the other names he drops throughout.

The song centers on Draft Day and some future millionaires–Johnny Manziel of A&M football Money Manziel fame, and Andrew Wiggins of Kansas basketball #1 draft pick fame.


drake jay z

Why can’t we be friends?


After a diss of Chance the Rapper, a stab at “married folk” *cough Jay Z and Kanye cough*, and some other sports ramblings about Jose Canseco, the A’s, and Sprite (these lyrics are …. unique)–we finally get to the good stuff.

J Law ya’ll.


On some Hunger Games s*** I would die for my district
Jennifer Lawrence you can really get it
I mean forreal, girl you know I had to do it for yah
You know I had to do it for yah
You know I had to



She doesn’t seem to be enjoying the verse Drake.


Drake is a smart guy with good taste (c’mon–he dated Rihannakah) and it shows with this Jennifer Lawrence shout-out.

America’s sweetheart and fellow Kentuckian can indeed “really get it”–Golden Globes, BAFTAs, SAGs, Teen Choice Awards (snicker), Oscars, strong female roles, Marvel roles, indie roles, roles every film involving David O. Russell or Bradley Cooper from now until time immemorial; she can get it.

What can we expect from Jennifer Lawrence in 2014? Just a little indie flick–X-Men: Days of Future Past, which releases May 23 and Serena–a period piece with Bradley Cooper, set in post-Depression North Carolina.

I would anticipate there will be another Drake tune or two this year as well, along with some more appearances on screen after a hilarious cameo on Anchorman 2 and a solid performance on a rather inconsistent season of SNL.


Stream Draft Day on Soundcloud

Watch Drake’s Bar Mitzvah Monologue on SNL





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