Bryan Singer: 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Set Tour


[UPDATE: All of these videos got pulled by, assumedly, Magneto. Sorry to those who didn't get to see them.]

It’s undeniably pathetic how ecstatic I+the Internet get for X-Men clips/photos/anythings these days, but hey, we’re only human, unlike these characters who are vastly superior to us. Oh, there’s a picture of Halle Berry’s toenails being painted on set? MILLIONS OF HITS.

Bryan Singer did take the time to share some videos that are actually worth your while as a comic book, or simply a comic book film fan. While brief, the six clips below are a glimpse at the vast technology at the disposal of Singer and Company in creating the X-Men saga.

Take a look.

In this video Bryan Singer takes us behind the scenes on the set of Cerebro, as well as introducing the audience to the enemy of the state and boyfriend of Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult; he will of course be reprising his role as the young Beast/Hank McCoy in the film.

This is a set tour of Dr. X’s dope ass mansion, but the most interesting tidbits from this clip are the words coming from Bryan Singer’s perfect mouth. He discusses Days of Future Past as an “in-be-twee-quel” as opposed to a sequel, which is similarly confusing to the title of the film itself.

He also shares that the film will be taking place in the 70s and very distant future,  which most of you likely already know, as well as all over the world: Russia, France, China, DC, New York–the fancy cars, the women and the cavier.

The X-Men series is very special to Bryan Singer personally, as he grew up a fan of the series, and other mega-budget action flicks.

Hugh Jackman punches Nicholas Hoult in this clip. It’s. Awesome.

Jennifer Lawrence jumps out of a window nearby the Eiffel Tower, 70s James McAvoy looks surly, and you get a glimpse of the music and sound production behind the scenes. Lots of fun.

Kitty Pryde aka Ellen Page’s power to send people’s consciousness back in time makes NO sense to me. None. Basically, Inception Part 2. This is discussed in this clip–hooray!

This monastery set is amazing; it looks like Sagrada Família in Barcelona, but with a more Eastern flare.


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