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James Franco scandal: publicity stunt or poor judgment?

If you’ve been living in a cave for the last week or so, you may not have heard that James Franco has been all over the media for flirting with an underage girl over social media. But is this a ploy to promote his upcoming works, or has Franco really made a fatal error?

Franco is a world famous actor and the thought of him having to chat up a 17 year old girl, and failing, seems a little far fetched. The old saying goes, any publicity is good publicity, but can this be applied to such a delicate and reputation-ruining topic such as underage sex?

Credit: Metro/Instagram

Credit: Metro/Instagram

In the number of leaked conversations that went viral, Franco was clearly attempting to get the minor into bed. He went on to admit to the fiasco earlier this week, describing the series of events as “poor judgment”. More news coverage for Franco, no?

The best way to deal with such a problem would be to ignore it, in my eyes. Act as though they are just photoshopped images, as these are so easy to do, but the fact that Franco went out of his way to clear the air makes me suspicious. It is easy to cover it up, and act like the incredible wiz kids that can do staggering things with their computers were at fault again.

Here is Franco’s explanation:

“When you meet in person you get a feel for them, you don’t know who you’re talking to. I used bad judgment and I learned my lesson. Unfortunately in my position, not only do I have to go through the embarrassing rituals of meeting someone, but if I do that, then it gets published for the world so it’s doubly embarrassing.”

Do you believe that this is Franco being foolish, or is it a way of getting his face on front covers? Comment below or tweet us @flicksided.

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