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The Truman Show, Narc and Ghost TV adaptations planned

A growing trend seems to be emerging in the world of TV, and three more series have been confirmed to jump on this bandwagon. With TV adaptations of popular films in Fargo and Scream already in the works for other channels, Paramount have followed suit and announced that memorable films The Truman ShowGhost and Narc will be made into TV series’.

The Truman Show was released in 1998 and is somewhat of a cult film, starring popular comedy actor Jim Carrey as the eponymously named Truman Burbank. It is unlikely that Carrey will have any involvement in the series, though this is mere speculation from my part. With Fargo and Scream’s TV adaptations, entirely new casts were formed and with the latter, there are few similarities between the plot of the TV series and films.

The Ghost TV series is another adaptation of a popular nineties film, with Ghost being a 1990 hit famous for its pottery scene. The film was the highest grossing of 1990, and according to Box Office Mojo, would be the 91st highest grossing film of all time when inflation adjusted. Few details have been released about the potential series, like the others included in the Paramount press release. For speculation’s sake, Patrick Swayze’s death puts a spanner in the works of the original cast playing any part in the film, I would imagine.

Narc was a 2002 film based on an undercover narcotics officer who chases the trail of a murdered policeman, and starred Jason Patric and Ray Liotta. Paramount’s decision to delve back into the TV industry was announced a year ago, and Narc is one of the first to be announced for the re-entry. The pilot will be written and directed by the man who did the very same with the film, Joe Carnahan, but once again – few details have been released regarding the series.

All three shows have little details surrounding them as they are at the developmental stage, but more will likely be revealed in the coming months. No provisional dates for release have been announced.

(Source: Digital Spy).

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