Captain America Edges Rio 2 at Weekend Box Office


It’s finally starting to feel like spring–(in terms of weather) and at your local cinema; and while numbers weren’t on par with last weekend’s umpteenth record-breaker from Marvel, Captain America had some company at the top this time around.

Let’s check it out shall we?

After being narrowly edged out Friday evening by another franchise sequel, Rio 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier retook the top spot for the weekend, defeating Rio with over $41 million earned at the box office compared to Rio’s respectable opening numbers of $39 million.

Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg (aka Catwoman and Lex Luthor) could not be reached for comment.

The Captain has raked in $159 million domestically, but is not holding on as strong as its predecessor film in weekend two–surprising given astonishing international numbers, strong reviews, and word of mouth (Internet…) chatter. Still, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is already the highest grossing flick of 2014, totaling $476.7 million worldwide. Oh, and it’s the largest April opening of all-time. Doin’ alright.

I loved it. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it. Hail Hy— NO SPOILERS.




Elsewhere in opening weekend news, Oculus, a surprisingly highly touted horror flick within my Twittersphere (a weird one admittedly), had modest numbers, but given its festival background, low-budget, and lack of big names–meh, it wasn’t going to do much better.

Without a phenomenally innovative marketing push a la Paranormal Activity #1, I wasn’t expecting a horde of screaming teenagers, but I saw this film on a Friday night at 10:30 pm and was expecting a slightly bigger turnout. Like…at least 3 Beliebers with fake I.D.s to get into a rated R film. But alas….

With a budget of merely $5 million and an opening weekend of $12 million, it has to be considered an early success, even if the studio was hoping for a slightly more rousing ovation.

Insidious opened to $13.3 million in 2010–no one’s calling that film a flop.


draft day
Fun with Microsoft Paint!


Lastly, and to the delight of me, Draft Day, yet another Kevin Costner sports film and infomercial for the NFL opened to a paltry $9.75 million.

But listen to this guy’s review on IMDb!


No Controversy, The clear No. 1 pick is Draft Day                                                                    

12 April 2014 | by mgball-836-650211 (Anytown, USA)


There’s a lot of films out there vying for your number 1 choice when you head to the movies, but there could only be one winner: Draft Day. This film captures it all. The intensity and fast pace action of an NFL war room, the emotion of reaching your dreams, sprinkle in some humor and romance and you have the ingredients of a winning film. It’s not just a good football movie, it’s a good movie all together. Sure to please any fan of the NFL, but more important, it will entertain those who may not be as familiar with America’s new past time. So hurry to your nearest theater before the clock runs out and you don’t get a chance to pick DRAFT DAY!

LOL Browns. LOL Kevin Costner. LOL Arian Foster. LOL FAST PACE. LOL MG.

Done now.

In other news, Divergent is still holding on in the top-5 with $7.5 million this weekend, and Aronofsky’s Noah is sinking sinking sinkkkkking, down to sixth place at the domestic box office in its third week.

Go see Oculus and Captain America if you have not done so. Both films are worth your time. Roger Goodell and MG would say Draft Day is worth your time as well.

That’s all folks!


Your weekend numbers for April 11-13:


1) Captain America: The Winter Soldier $41,398,000 (-56.4%) Total Gross– $159,006,000

2) Rio 2 $39,000,000 — Total Gross– $39,000,000

3) Oculus $12,000,000 — Total Gross– $12,000,000

4) Draft Day $9,750,000 — Total Gross– $9,750,000

5) Divergent $7,500,000 (-42.2%) Total Gross– $124,877,000

6) Noah $7,450,000 (-56.3%) Total Gross– $84,872,000

7) God’s Not Dead $5,485,000 (-29.3%) Total Gross– $40,700,000

8) The Grand Budapest Hotel $4,050,000 (-33.8%) Total Gross– $39,470,000

9) Muppets Most Wanted $2,193,000 (-64.3%) Total Gross– $45,670,000

10) Mr. Peabody & Sherman $1,825,000 (-64.4%) Total Gross– $105,215,000

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