Watch Honest Trailer: 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

Leonardo NoOscaro

Almost lost it on that one.

As always, the Honest Trailer guys, who I cannot stop promoting on this site, brought it on their The Wolf of Wall Street Honest Trailer.

The trailer takes 4 minutes to poke fun at the excess, the excess, and THE mother $#*%&^%# excess that is Scorsese’s latest three-hour Leonardo DiCaprio film following Gangs of New York, The Aviator, Shutter Island, The Departed and…. am I forgetting any?

Dropping the f-bomb every 1.5 seconds, the voice of God voice of trailers discusses Scorsese’s love of New York City, deeply disturbed protagonists, cursing, and the folly that is pride.

Fat, funny Jonah Hill and chest beating Matthew McConaughey stop by for a tick as well.

It’s a good time, and makes you want to do some quaaludes. Kidding, those look terrifying, but that was one of the best film scenes ever. Give ya that Scorsese.

Wolf of Wall Street is an entertaining movie and a well-acted one, with an excellent supporting and featured cast, but it’s been done A LOT as the Honest Trailer gang/gay/whatever point out. Still, watch this movie if you somehow haven’t yet. Just not with your mother for the love of God.


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