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21 years after the original, Mrs Doubtfire 2 in the works

21 years after the 1993 hit was released, it has been confirmed that Mrs Doubtfire should be making a return to the big screens in a much anticipated sequel. A second film has been rumoured for many years, and has at some points looked more likely than at others but nothing set in stone. This time, however, it appears that there will indeed be a sequel.

The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news on Wednesday, and state that David Berenbaum will write the script for the sequel, while Chris Columbus will direct. The report states,

“The project became active again early this year with Berenbaum’s involvement and while it’s too soon to predict if all the elements will ultimately come together, Williams and Columbus are attached and hopeful about the outcome.”

In the first film, star Robin Williams played the eponymously named Euphegenia Doubtfire (yes, I googled that) as an attempt at seeing his kids more often. Doubtfire was a Scottish nanny which Williams’ character Daniel Hillard used after splitting from his wife and being informed that he would not see his three kids – a boy and two girls – on a regular basis.

It is unknown whether the full original cast will reunite, though I would expect Sally Field to star as Daniel’s wife Miranda in the sequel. Stu (Piers Brosnan) will be unlikely to return after splitting from Miranda (Field), while the “kids” from the first film – Lydie (Lisa Jakub), Chris (Matthew Lawrence) and Nattie (Mara Wilson) – are now 35, 34 and 26 respectively.

Past rumours for the sequel suggested the plot would surround the “kids” going to college, and Daniel – as Doubtfire – would use his disguise to make sure they aren’t getting into any trouble. However this time has long gone and, unfortunately, the stars from the first film are simply too old to play a part in this sort of plot without it seeming like a spoof. Also, Wilson and Jakub haven’t appeared in a film for almost 14 years, though Lawrence has remained active. Sally Field has been ever-present in a number of blockbuster hits, and will likely play a big role in the sequel if possible.

What are your thoughts on the news that a second Mrs. Doubtfire is in the works? Good news, or too late for it to be anything like the first? Comment below or send us a tweet @flicksided.

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