Worldwide Box Office Totals 2014

It’s been an interesting year at the box office thus far, with Asian and European markets accounting for higher and higher shares of box office totals (particularly in the ever lucrative Marvel universe in which they get first dibs on these films). Outside Captain America and the long-awaited US release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 this coming weekend (which has already earned over $67.5 million overseas), animated films have dominated with The Lego Movie, taking top honors worldwide and surprising even the most optimistic of box office diagnosticians and critics. Including this one. I (insert obscenity here) loved The Lego Movie. No shame–laughed more than any of the children in my local cinema.

Another shocker in the top-15 is Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, ringing in at an enormous $131.5 million–astonishing numbers for what’s essentially the only film in this list outside the action adventure or children’s flick fare.

But summer blockbuster season will soon really be heating up with Godzilla following up Spider-Man, along with some X-Men, Ninja Turtle, and Transformer action soon thereafter. It’s gonna get interesting.

Add in a few high rolling comedies to compete with Ride Along like 22 Jump Street and Neighbors (making 90+% of their gross domestically) and this could be a BIG moneymaking year in Hollywood. Poor poor Hollywood.

  Worldwide Box Office Totals 2014               

                                                                       Worldwide      Overseas / %

1              Captain America: The Winter Soldier   $645.2   65.1%

2              The LEGO Movie         $452.8   44.2%

5              Rio 2     $344.0    72.0%

3              300: Rise of An Empire    $329.5      67.9%

4              Noah     $320.0   69.6%

6              Mr. Peabody & Sherman     $260.7    58.6%

7              RoboCop (2014)    $241.5    76.1%

8              Divergent      $232.7     40.1%

9              Need for Speed      $202.4    78.9%

10           Non-Stop      $189.9    52.3%

11           The Monuments Men   $155.4     50.1%

12           Ride Along             $151.3       11.3%

13           Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit   $134.3       62.3%

14           The Amazing Spider-Man 2     $132.0    100.0%

15           The Grand Budapest Hotel     $131.5      62.9%v



Source (Box Office Mojo)

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