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The Guardians of the Galaxy Preview


I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier for the second time since it came out in theaters and I left the theater still excited because I really enjoyed it. It had a great cast, great directors in the Russo brothers, a great script and plenty of action. It be hard for Guardians of the Galaxy to follow. Regardless of Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s success, I expect GOTG to do well for its own. This movie is an interesting one to see because the story behind this movie is different, yet similar from the other movies. The story takes place in the same universe as the Avengers, but in space.

When Marvel first hired James Gunn to direct GOTG, I thought to myself, this is going to be big, a lot of drama and action packed hungry with a side dish of comedy. I like the way Marvel is thinking. Gunn is a crazy director, he likes to go out of his own way to make each of his movies big and GOTG would be his biggest and ballsy movie up to date in his career and the best part is that the movie is going to be good! Marvel did well on this hiring because Gunn has a different perspective on how he wants his films to be and that what makes him unique.

One of my favorite things that I have noticed from all the Marvel movies is that they have a good all around casts in each movie. When I look at each movie and their castings, it’s all underrated. The GOTG’s cast is one of the reasons why I really look forward to this movie because it even although it has a lot of big names, none of the names are overrated. Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Star-Lord, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon, Vin Diesel as Groot and Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer round out the team.

Star Lord

Pratt, known  for his character, Andy Dwyer, in Parks and Recreation, takes on the lead role of a superhero,  Star-Lord. Seeing Pratt in this movie means we can expect quite a bit of comedy as well as drama and action all combined. I believe this Pratt’s first time on taking on superhero role. It is also Pratt’s first film with Marvel. I think Pratt will do well and will own the role of Star-Lord. Pratt will play Star-Lord/Peter Quill so well that it works with the rest of the characters and GOTG will get a sequel in the future.


Having done Avatar and two Star Trek movies, Saldana is no stranger to doing big SyFy movies. GOTG will be her third big SyFy movie and I think Saldana will play the role of Gamora well. Saldana is a good actress and plays well in any role that she plays. I expect Saldana’s Gamora will play in key role in GOTG. Gamora could possibly create a special connection between her and Star-Lord.

rocket raccoon and groot

Rocket Raccoon and Groot will be voiced by Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel respectively. Cooper has been on rise in his acting career and adding GOTG to his growing resume is what makes his resume different. He has played many different roles throughout his career. Cooper gets to play a role that stands out from his other roles, a raccoon. A talking raccoon that likes to play with guns. How unique is that? And what is more unique than a talking a raccoon? A talking tree. Diesel plays Groot. Diesel had some time off from his Fast and Furious franchise to take on the challenge. It is unknown whether Groot will have more than one line in the entire movie as Groot is known for saying, “I am Groot.”

Drax the Destroyer

Last, but not least, Drax the Destroyer, played by Dave Bautista, also starred in Diesel’s Riddick, will be joining the good guys this time in GOTG. Most of Bautista’s roles tend to be bad guys, so it is nice to see Bautista playing a different role for a change. From what I saw in the trailer, Drax has something that he has to deal with while helping out the GOTG. Drax is an interesting character. It looks like we as fans will get the chance to dive into Drax’s story and what issues is he dealing with and how he handles it.

As for the villains in this movie, Karen Gillan plays Nebula, Benicio Del Toro plays the collector and Lee Pace plays Ronan the Accuser in the movie. As shown in the trailer, Nebula and Gamora have long history with each other and I can’t wait to see the scenes of them two because in the trailer, the scene they shared was intense. As Ronan the Accuser, I don’t know much about him, but I believe, I may be wrong, Ronan fights with Drax. In the trailer, Drax was being choked by someone and I believe that it is Ronan who was choking, but I could be wrong. The Collector, I believe is the main villain in this movie, in the comics, the Collector works with Thanos. Thanos a nasty villain and could show up in Avengers 2 or Avengers 3, might have a small cameo in this movie because I believe the Collector is looking for the gems that Thanos needs to get control. The Collector, I believe is on a mission to find gems, but the GOTG is in the way and has to deal with them while looking for the gems.


Overall, I am very excited to see what GOTG has to give. Although the trailer now, doesn’t give much, there is a reason why. It is so secretive that they want to keep the fans starving for more hints as it get closer to August. It definitely looks like its going to be to an interesting movie. It has a combo of many different stories from the team. I am most excited to dive into Rocket Raccoon and Drax’s stories the most because they are two of most angry guys on the team. It’s like they are out for revenge or they are trying so hard to make peace of who they are now. August 1st, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy comes in theaters! Be sure to go check it out!

First Official Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

Second Official Trailer

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