Agents of SHIELD Gets Renewed for a Second Season

Agents of SHIELD

HAIL HYDRA! Heck no! The agents of SHIELD will not allow that to happen! AOS will be fighting Hydra from taking over the world for another season. ABC made it official as they are bring back a now popular show for a second season. As a true AOS fan, I am pleased that there will be a second season because I have been watching the show since day one and I didn’t want to see it get canceled. While the general feeling of Marvel fans were disappointed in the show, I wasn’t. I was fascinated at the fact that Agent Phil Coulson somehow survives the battle of New York after getting stab in the heart by big evil villain and fellow Avenger, Thor’s half-brother, Loki’s scepter and goes on a journey to find the answers he wants. I was also fascinated with the fact that we as Marvel fans were getting a great opportunity to explore inside the scenes of S.H.I.E.L.D. and how everything works and flowed in a secret organization.

I was thrilled at the fact, that Coulson was able to dive into finding out why he survived and every episode gets better by the week. From Coulson putting a team together to fight bad guys to Coulson finding out his survival to Deathlok to show being connected to the Captain America movie to SHIELD gets compromised to HAIL HYDRA to SHIELD special agent Jason Garrett turns out to be the clairvoyant to Grant Ward being a double agent in the team. It just gets crazier and crazier, but at the end it’s all a part of plan to make it succeed.


As we come upon the season finale, this Tuesday, May 13th, will we find out if Grant Ward starts to get compromised and switch sides again?? At this point, I really don’t want to see Ward back with the team because I like special agent Triplett personally because he is the grandson of a former Howling Commando and is loyal to SHIELD, unlike Ward is. I know there is no more SHIELD in the show, but that doesn’t mean I am giving up on the organization. I know there is a lot of good in SHIELD. Yes, it was very extremely compromised by Hydra, but in the Captain America movie, after Steve Rogers makes that amazing speech, there were many agents that are committed to SHIELD more than there was Hydra. The government needs SHIELD. Heck at this point, even though they don’t realize it yet, but the whole world needs SHIELD.

I believe that SHIELD will be coming back, like Nick Fury said, “ The world needs the Avengers, whether they like it or not.” That statement right there tells me that SHIELD will rise again, and it would be cool if they were under Captain America’s orders. At the end of the movie, Fury goes to Europe to uncover more underground Hydra agents. Rogers and Sam Wilson, the Falcon, are also on a mission to find an old friend in Europe as well and I will bet that they meet up with Fury down the road.

Anyways back to Agents of SHIELD, in the season finale, I expect it to be CRAZY. I think there will a lot of unexpected surprises as Coulson and the team are in a race to catch up to Garrett, Ward and Hydra. During that run, Coulson will be getting help from an unexpected, but familiar friend. Ultimately, I think this is the episode where Coulson and the team will start rebuilding SHIELD back up and will continue rebuilding into the second season.

Another reason I am excited for a second season because I know the second season will lead to some pretty awesome cameos or easter egg drop. It is unknown who the awesome cameos would be, but it will be awesome regardless because the cameos and easter eggs can lead to big roles in future films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The fact the Marvel universe is so big that there is endless possibilities of who would cameo in the second season or even seeing or hearing awesome easter eggs.

Agent Coulson

It will be great to see Marvel fan favorite Phil Coulson return because he is a very valuable and  popular character in Marvel. As he was the glue to bringing the Avengers together. Coulson has a great personality and it’s hard not to enjoy seeing Clark Gregg become Phil Coulson. Coulson is probably my favorite non superhero character in the MCU and seeing him for another season is great news. Cheers to Agents of SHIELD getting a second season and I look forward to what the new season will bring and what they will improve from the first season.

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