The Flash TV Series Coming this Fall

The CW has done a really good job of creating DC superheroes into television shows, Arrow and now, the Flash, but can’t quite say the same for the movies since almost all the DC cinematic universe films have not done well. Arrow has been proven to be a success and the new Arrow spinoff, The Flash, starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/the Flash, looks like it is going to do well. Gustin, who first appeared in halfway into second season when the Arrow takes on a different, yet similar case that catches Allen’s attention all the way from Central City. Allen, a police scientist, came to Starling City, not only willing to offer help in the investigation, but also on the side, wanted to investigate his own personal case, regarding his mother’s death.

Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow

  The extended trailer of The Flash pilot looks really awesome and I can’t wait for fall to come! The pilot introduces the cast that also looks to be awesome as well! Besides Gustin as Allen, we already met Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow and Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon were also introduced in Arrow, appearing in season two episode, “The Man Under the Hood”. We will be also meeting Jesse L. Martin, who plays Detective West and Tom Cavanagh, who plays Harison Wells. From the looks of the trailer, Detective West is like a mentor and role model to Allen and Wells, figures to be the head of S.T.A.R.S. labs team, but we’ll know more as the pilot gets closer to its air date this fall. The villain in the trailer that has powers to control the weather is Eddie Thawne played by Rick Cosnett. It is unknown whether or not, Thawne will be the main villain in the series or if there will be more villains with powers later in the series, but that is what makes the superhero related dramas really exciting. Thawne’s powers from the trailer reminds me of Halle Berry’s Storm in the X-Men Universe. So it is going to be really cool to see Allen take on Thawne in a battle that looks to be epic. The Flash creating a tornado within another tornado. How crazy cool is that!

The Scientist

  I think the Flash will be a very successful TV series because if the Arrow can do well, why not a superhero that has actual superpowers,like the Flash, do well. I think Arrow has set up the Flash for success. It will be interesting to see the story surrounding Allen’s mother’s murder. I would like to believe that case is what carries the series through its first season and possibly, more seasons down the road, but let’s not think too far ahead. Here’s to hope that the Flash will be a good television show for years to come.

UPDATE: Two Trailers

The First Look: Don’t Blink

The Extended Five minutes trailer

The Flash will be airing on Tuesdays this fall at 8 p.m. P.T.

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