The Black Panther to Make a Cameo in Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Black Panther might be in Avengers: Age of Ultron after all, but it might be as a cameo, but I don’t care. To see Black Panther in theaters as soon as Summer 2015 is awesome! T’Challa of Wakanda/the Black Panther is such an interesting character and unique because he is simply so zen. It sounds as if they have already casted the Black Panther, but we won’t find out who it will be if the Black Panther does indeed appear in Avengers. It would amazing if Avengers director Joss Whedon surprised us!

seth gilliam

Who is perfect for the role of the Black Panther, one actor that comes to mind is Seth Gilliam, who plays Dr. Deaton on the hit show,Teen Wolf. Gilliam is so zen that it is natural to him. I could see Gilliam take on the role as the Black Panther, but he would definitely need to bulk up and it could work. Gilliam can take his expert experience on wolves to the role of the Black Panther as wolves and panthers are similar in terms of hunting animals. I think Gilliam would be perfect for the role.

Anthony Mackie


Another actor in mind would have been Anthony Mackie, but he has been casted as the Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Mackie would have been cool as the Black Panther, but Mackie would have to add more zen to the Black Panther. Besides Mackie made the Falcon role and owned it. Also, I see Mackie more as someone who wants to have fun and make jokes. The Black Panther is a more serious character in the Marvel Universe. Another actor that could play the role well is Idris Elba.

Idris Elba


Elba, who has been in considerations to play Jon Stewart, the Green Lantern, in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie, could also work to play T’Challa, but has already been cast in another Marvel franchise, Thor. He plays the gatekeeper, Heimdall, and it doesn’t look like Elba will be leaving the Thor franchise to be the Black Panther. Elba and Gilliam are great choices for the Black Panther.

Korath the Pursuer


Djimon Hounsou originally was in talks to play the Black Panther in a movie back in the past, but talks in negotiations never left the table and Hounsou eventually moved on to other movies. Hounsou has previously played the role of the Black Panther in a mini television series, but only for six episodes. Although Hounsou is still going to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as Korath the Pursuer in the upcoming Marvel movie this August, Guardians of the Galaxy. So that takes Hounsou out of the game or they could recast Korath in the next GOTG movie if Hounsou does indeed end up becoming the Black Panther.

Whoever plays the Black Panther, Whedon, will definitely set up a potential Black Panther franchise spinoff in the Avengers. Whedon is probably the greatest director of all directors in the MCU because he genuinely cares for each Marvel character and wants to see them succeed. So if the Black Panther does appear in the Avengers movie in summer 2015, it is because the Black Panther is going to be a part of Phase Four plans and will have his own solo movie coming and who better than Whedon can set up the Black Panther for spinoff properly? No one! Get ready, Black Panther fans, a Black Panther movie will be possibly in production as soon as next year! That is, if Black Panther is a part of the Phase Four plans.

black panther

Should the Black Panther make a cameo in the next Avengers movie? Who do you think should play the Black Panther? Should it be Seth Gilliam or Idris Elba? Or do you think Anthony Mackie or Djimon Hounsou should try to get the role of the Black Panther and give up their previous Marvel roles as the Falcon and Korath the Pursuer? Or do you have someone else in mind? I think it would be really cool to see the Black Panther in Avengers, regardless of who plays him.  The Avengers movie would set him up to his own solo movie and possibly his own franchise. Avengers: Age of Ultron should be a really cool movie and I am very excited to watch it in July of 2015. Why can’t it come any faster! Don’t be afraid to share your opinions, I would love to hear and talk with you guys!

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  • Daniel Scott

    Aldis Hodge should be Black Panther

    • Lucas Talbot

      Aldis Hodge is actually great choice. I can’t believe I forgot about him. Hodge did a great job on Leverage. Hodge would be a great choice for the Black Panther because as he showed on Leverage, he has the flexibility of having an accent for the role. If Hodge gets the role, I would like to consider this role as a break out role for Hodge. Ever since Leverage ended, Hodge hasn’t had that many roles. At best, he did special guest star roles, where it is one episode, but if he gets the role of the Black Panther, everything changes for Hodge. His career will reach new heights. Good idea, Daniel.

      • Daniel Scott

        Thank you! I also have a great idea for a Fantastic Four reboot that’s better than the one we’re getting! Benedict Cumberbatch/Mr. Fantastic,Amber Heard/Invisible Woman,Zac Efron/Human Torch,Jeffery Dean Morgan/The Thing,Mads Mikklesen/Dr. Doom,Patton Oswalt/Mole Man,Alice Eve/Alicia Masters. Directed by Guillermo Del Toro

        • Lucas Talbot

          Interesting proposal you got there for the fantastic four. We will never know if your proposal will ever be a success or not. There are enough interesting questions about the fantastic four reboot. It’s bold going with a young cast for a superhero remake. Don’t get me wrong, these actors in the reboot, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan are rising stars, Jamie Bell and Kate Mara have held their own with Mara working on House of Cards, and Bell from the Man on a Ledge thriller. I don’t know much about Toby Kebbell and what he has done, but that is a good and young cast they got working together on the fantastic four reboot. Josh Trank at the director helm, after doing alright in Chronicle, I think he will reach new heights in this film. I think they will do the job well. These actors work hard at their craft and they want to see the film do well.

          • Daniel Scott

            Sorry but I don’t share your faith or enthusiasm in this abomination known as the Fantastic Four reboot!!

          • Lucas Talbot

            Haha it’s okay! I do think like your creative thinking for the fantastic four and it is unfortunate that, your creative idea won’t be happening and all you can do is hope that the reboot of the franchise succeeds. I am sure you, like any Marvel fan, want to see all the Marvel films succeed, even though the fantastic four is under contract with a different studio. Not Marvel. You still want the movie to succeed right despite the castings of each role, right? Not everyone will get their wish. Everyone has to compromise and get out of their comfort zones to work together and see the movie franchise succeed.

  • cley

    I personally would love to see Black Panther being played by an African actor, with a genuine African accent and screen presence. The problem is that Marvel will want an A-list hollywood actor. When you watch movies like District 9 you will find talented African actors with genuine presence like the guy who played a villain as a Nigerian war lord. Pick that guy and surround him with big names. here he is:

    • Lucas Talbot

      Cley, a very interesting casting choice. Nice, you’re looking outside the box. I saw his work in District 9, Eugene should be on the rise as an actor. Eugene should find his big break soon in the future. I don’t know if Eugene will even get mentioned in the casting circle for the Black Panther. I absolutely agree with you, that Marvel will want an A-list actor for the role of the Black Panther. To be honest, I can’t complain with Marvel’s casting in all their films. With the exception of Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin. Iron Man 3 director, Shane Black, did not use Kingsley as the Mandarin right. I was disappointed with how Kingsley’s character was portrayed in the movie. Kingsley should have been the main villain lead, not Guy Pearce. The movie could have been way better if it was Kingsley as the main villain. But other than him, Marvel has brought in the right actors in castings. I am confident that whoever Marvel casts in superhero leads, the movie will be good. There is a reason why the superhero lead actors won their respective roles.

  • Africa Belgrave

    “Who better than Whedon to setup BP franchise?” Oh I dunno, maybe a black director? Smh….

    • Lucas Talbot

      Africa Belgrave, the Black Panther doesn’t have his own franchise yet and Whedon is currently working on Avengers: Age of Ultron, what more can you ask for? If Black Panther does indeed make a cameo in Avenger 2, it works out for both, the Black Panther and Marvel. After getting introduced in Avengers 2, the Black Panther will get his chance to get his share of the spotlight by having his own franchise. Simple as that. Now, you say that you would prefer to have a black director for the Black Panther franchise, I am not going to be concerned with what the director looks like. That should never be case. I would be concern about finding someone who has the skills, ideas and can think out of the box that can help the Black Panther standout as an individual superhero that he deserves. Marvel’s priorities are to find the best director that understand who the Black Panther is and what his story is. Not just because the Black Panther is black, they absolutely have to hire a black director. That should never be the case.

      • Africa Belgrave

        I didn’t say he HAS to be but I think it should be a priority to at least LOOK for one. Because if not for BP, when will any POC (or woman for that matter) get a chance to direct one of these big budget movies?

        There’s been no confirmation that BP will cameo. So fans who are demanding/hoping for more diversity on the superhero front, we really still have nothing to look forward to. Antman and Dr Strange? That was full on “we’re doing this”. Why can’t we get that certainty with BP?

        • Lucas Talbot

          Your first comment wasn’t clarified enough and I misunderstood it. Now, I don’t believe the skin color should ever be priority. Finding the best talented director possible, man or woman, to make the Black Panther movie a success is priority, not what they look like. If you look at James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy, Gunn is a unknown director to a lot of people. Marvel could have hired a bigger name, but that was not the case. When Gunn interviewed with Marvel, he impressed Marvel because his ideas were through the roof. Gunn likes to think outside the box, that is what Marvel looks for in directors. Someone who can think outside the box and is very imaginative. Whedon, The Russo brothers, and now, Gunn, all think big outside the box and are incredibly imaginative. Edgar Wright would have been a part of that list, but he left the Ant-Man production. Marvel will do the same process for the Black Panther movie.

          As for the certainty of getting a full-on approval to start the Black Panther production, Marvel is already working on it, but they are keeping tight under covers. It’s a big secret. You know how Marvel is, always secretive. Doctor Strange had his name, “Stephen Strange”, dropped in Captain America:The Winter Soldier, while Doctor Strange didn’t make a cameo, but his name did. That could be another option that Whedon could do in the Avengers: Age of Ultron if Black Panther doesn’t make a in person cameo.

          As for Ant-Man, he originally was suppose to appear in the Avengers with Wasp, but was ultimately dropped from the movie because of too many pieces and characters that Whedon had to work with at the time of the production. The Ant-Man movie originally was suppose to appear in Phase One as Edgar Wright had been working on the project since 2006. But there was a lot of delays with the project and Marvel had to wait until it the script was finished. I think it was hit with Doctor Strange, when his name was dropped in Captain America 2. That meant Doctor Strange is likely to come in Phase T =hree or Four, possibly along with the Black Panther.

          Don’t worry, the Black Panther solo movie will happen. It will be announced soon. Marvel has plans for their films until 2028, so don’t worry Black Panther will get the full on “we’re doing this” in the future.

    • Egie Asemota

      no, just NO! I hate hearing that crap! I would rather have a good director and writer on board to bring the Lack Panther to the big screen regardless of race. Brian Michael Bendis is a white guy who created one of the best black super heroes out there, Miles Morales. Stop the stupid generalizing okay?