True Blood Season 7: Eric's Return?

 So while watching the trailer of the final season of “True Blood” I began to make a mental note of returning characters.


Alcide- check


Bill- (unfortunately, check)

Pam, Andy, Lafayette, Sam, and Jessica check, check, and double-check.

But wait…No Eric?!

Where is our viking vampire that we love so well? We last saw Eric last season rocking his birthday suit and catching up on his reading on a snow-covered mountain when his newly acquired “sun repellent” compliments of Warlow, suddenly ran out after Warlow bit the dust. Without his “super fairy” sun repellent protection, Eric seemed to be toast (literally) and we left season 6 without knowing what happened to our beloved vampire viking. 

In the final season’s premiere there is no sign of the former “Fangtasia” owner, but “True Blood” writer’s and the show’s executive producer, Brian Buckner are assuring fans the Eric will be back, but they are not giving away as to how he will be used. 

skarsgard-true blood

So while we have to wait until June 22 for season 7 to begin, it is comforting to know that Alexander Skarsgard will be back to help the season go out with a bang. 

“True Blood” returns June 22 for a 10 episode run on HBO.




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