Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon Geek Out Over Laser Discs

In an interview this week on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Tom Cruise discussed his love of movies and how he tries to see one movie every day. Every day – sounds lovely doesn’t it. Cruise then mentioned that he prioritized a larger television over window coverings in his first apartment. Not to be outdone Fallon revealed when he was younger he used the money he had saved up to buy a car to instead buy a laser disc player.

Ah, the laser disc player. I remember the guy who had the one laser disc player in my college dorm in the early 90’s. If I could have stolen it without getting caught I probably would have. While the image and sound quality was far beyond the VHS tapes the rest of us were using, the price of the laser disc was out of reach for many. It was also annoying to flip the LP sized disc over during the film, but I agree with Cruise that it was worth it in the end.

During the interview Fallon pulls out a laser disc of Top Gun and the conversation the two have is very entertaining.

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