Funny or Die's Orange is the New Black Audition Video is Hysterical

One of the great things about the Netflix hit Orange is the New Black is the variety of characters in the show. Because the truth is all kinds of people end up in prison, and the stress of prison can bring out the extremes in anybody’s personality. One of the best character’s in Orange is the New Black is Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren played by actress Uzo Aduba.

Below Aduba “auditions” for a variety of the main characters from Season One of OITNB. The results are hysterical. I think my favorite one may be her auditioning for Alex, I almost spit out my drink when I got to that part. In addition to just being plain funny it’s wonderful to see Aduba out of character as Suzanne is a very extreme character. Aduba has done a fabulous job with this role in both seasons of OITNB. Any character named “Crazy Eyes” could easily turn into a strictly clownish character, but Aduba manages to make Suzanne a bit scary one minute to extremely sympathetic a few seconds later.

You can watch Seasons 1 and 2 of Orange is the New Black now on Netflix. Aduba is attached to star in the film Pearly Gates to be released in 2015. Also make sure to check out the latest from Funny or Die.

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