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James Franco to Conduct Webinar

James Franco is set to critique scripts for $25.00 in online webinars. Franco, famous for his inability to pick good scripts, hopes to pass on the knowledge he gained from starring in The Pineapple Express  and hanging out with Seth Rogen.

The lucky recipient will be given a 25-minute screenwriting seminar by an actual screenwriter, while Franco takes pictures of himself, which he will then post on Instragram. Satisfied, Franco will proceed to show you those photos.

Additionally, he will take you to lunch where he will regail you with tales of fart jokes Seth Rogen told him and then complain for two hours that Jonah Hill is a pale Seth Rogen imitation.

Because Mr. Franco is such a giving person and, because Seth Rogen is busy filming a new movie, he will throw in acting lessons, free of charge. You will be able to master “The Franco” in no time flat. Described by noted acting coach Stella Adler, (who Marlon Brando once thought so highly of he took her class just to get in her pants), as ‘pain and sitting through an entire Selena Gomez concert’, “The Franco” will both turn women on and frighten small children. Seth Rogen swears by “The Franco.” It has sent him into a frenzy on many occasions.

If you act now, you and a friend will be invited to Mr. Franco’s house where you can watch as he strips down and takes pictures of himself in his underwear, which he will post on Instgram under a fake nomer and laugh because it’s funny. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you will be invited by Mr. Franco to watch the three hundred hours of outtakes from The Pineapple Express.

All this and a whole lot of funny anecdotes about Seth Rogen can be had for a mere $25 bucks! Wow!

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