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Bruce Campbell Deserves an Oscar!

Why does Bruce Campbell deserve an Oscar you might ask? First, if you have to ask, you should go stand in the corner right now. I will talk to you later.

Bruce Campbell is a national treasure is the reason, quite simply. Fellow Bruce Campbell fans, and I’m sure Bruce Campbell himself, would agree with that assessment. He has not only made some of the greatest movies ever, but has written books, produced movies (although, Bruce, the remake of The Evil Dead was just bad), directed, and spent the rest of his time being Bruce Campbell, something others have tried but no one has yet successfully managed to pull off.

Campbell, along with Sam Raimi and producer Rob Tapert, helped bring to screen the only horror film to ever scare me, The Evil Dead. Remarkably, the film hasn’t lost its impact throughout the succeeding years. It is still scary and, if I hadn’t seen it so many times, I would probably still be creeped out by it. A true horror film, Campbell and the filmmakers did not take themselves too seriously. Horror has an element of camp already sown into the lining of its underwear and, the recent trends of pretentious horror filmmakers (who cares what Jason Voorhees’ motivations for killing are?) should take note. None of the entries in the Evil Dead series are bad, rare for franchises. Even the rather silly Army of Darkness is not without its charm.

Not enough for you? Still need convincing? How about his role as Elvis in Bubba Ho-Tep? The film co-stars Ossie Davis as John Kennedy. In it, Elvis is confined to a retirement home. His only friend is a black man who insists he is John Kennedy. Slowly, Elvis begins to believe him because of a mysterious scar in the back of Jack’s head.

Elvis and Jack face off against a re-animated Egyptian mummy that was stolen during a U.S. museum tour and then lost. The mummy takes on the garb of a cowboy and feeds on the souls of the residents of the home. Elvis dubs him Bubba Ho-Tep. Jack later dies of a heart attack and Elvis wins the day, setting fire to the mummy. Need I go any further?


How about Burn Notice? Campbell played Sam Axe, former Navy Seal and covert operative, wh0 can’t resist booze or sugar mamas. He helps his friend, Michael Westen, help the downtrodden. They do it with style and they do it with humor.

When it comes down to it, Bruce Campbell’s resume speaks for itself  (a small sampling) –

  • 1981 – The Evil Dead
  • 1987 – Evil Dead II
  • 1988 – Maniac Cop
  • 1990 – Maniac Cop II
  • 1992 – Mindwarp, Army of Darkness
  • 1993 – The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
  • 1996 – Xena: Warrior Princess
  • 2005 – Man with the Screaming Brain
  • 2007 – Burn Notice

If  FlickSided had a Hall-of-Fame, Bruce Campbell would be in it.

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