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Where is Tom Welling?

It has been three years since Smallville ended and its star, Tom Welling, has been…Well, non-existent.  So, where are you, Tom?

Originally a construction worker, Welling was discovered at a party in Nantucket by a catalog camera scout who suggested he try modeling. Welling modeled until 2000,when he relocated to Los Angeles. There, he continued modeling while pursuing an acting career. Welling was cast in the television series Smallville after a nationwide search was conducted. The pilot aired in October, 2001 and became the highest-rated debut for The WB, with 8.4 million viewers. Welling said that he turned down the lead role twice. Like Christopher Reeve, he was not a Superman fan prior to being cast as Clark Kent. He made a name for himself as Clark Kent and Smallville became one the WB/CW’s most successful shows.  From the start, the former model’s talent was undeniable. He even held his own against the very good Michael Rosenbaum. Welling handled himself like a leading man and, quite frankly, was one of the best Clark Kents ever put on screen. The recent movies would have been far better if Welling had played the Man of Steel. He didn’t, however. The producers chose to go with pretty boys and, as a result, the Superman franchise has had a couple of misfires.

F0r whatever reason, Welling has been largely non-existent since Smallville ended in 2011. There have been a couple of movies and not much else. Whether or not this is Welling’s choice or the roles have n0t come his way is anyone’s guess. All I know is a very talented actor is not being used. We will have to see if Blanco County gains any traction. Currently in development, Rob Thomas Productions, in association with Warner Horizon Television, are attempting to get the show off the ground. It is rumored that Welling will serve as executive producer.

Welling’s fans remain hopeful.

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