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Movies' Cheesiest Death Scenes

Cheesiest death scenes are one of my most favorite topics of conversation. There is something so profound, so uplifting in the most outlandish, outrageous death scenes in movies that engrave themselves in our memory bank for life. I can forget the name of my co-worker’s daughter, what presents I received on my last birthday, or my girlfriend’s… better yet, let’s not go down that route, shall we?

When serious movies commit to an over-the-top death scene, though their execution is lacking, there truly is something poetic about it. No matter how amazing the actors were, often times the movies will be judged by the unbelievably bad death scene(s). I feel encouraged that the filmmakers felt they needed something special, but oftentimes the talent in execution falls flat to their out-of-the-box idea. Because hey, there’s a reason why it wasn’t done before. I love the ambition, but leave it for someone like J.J. Abrams to pull off. There’s a reason his budget is inflated and these filmmakers’ are not.

Having said that, I present to you the first installment of my Cheesiest Movie Death Scenes List. I did not include any death scenes that took place in a comedy or parody, because those don’t count. They were intended to be funny. The whole point of this list is that it’s anything but, hence the genius of these deaths.

Click the links below and enjoy. Sound off on your thoughts and any additional ones I left out, which just may appear on my second installment.

Total Recall

This is my favorite movie from this list. This flick had plenty of cheesy death scenes, but none better than this epic. No list can start off without this one leading the pack.

Big Trouble in Little China

The best part about this death, other than the awesome special effects, is the irrelevancy of it. Why did he blow himself up? What did it accomplish? Who cares?!

Silent Night, Deadly Night, part II

Is it his non-blinking death stare, the over-dramatic shot, or the un-threatening “menacing” laugh? Never has Garbage Day been more fun.

Troll 2

How could anyone leave this off the list? My favorite part of the scene? Why, the fly showing more acting chops on his forehead than the actor’s delivery, of course.

Hard Ticket to Hawaii

For a movie I’ve never seen, yet this death scene I’ve seen over a hundred times, that proves the power of the cheesy. Never underestimate a terrible scene in a bad movie, it can always spawn a die-hard fanbase. Just ask Troll 2.

Live and Let Die

This one could have been a lot better, but I give points for the originality.  007 always knew how to blow up the competition – bad pun, I know.

Karate Girl

This scene is the essence of poorly executed, over-the-top idea gone awry. Like, we get it already. And where’s the blood? Oh, it’s in his hand, that’s right. Bullet holes? Who needs ‘em?  

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