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Is This The End of Krusty the Clown?

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Krusty the Clown, the Clown Prince of show business, who has survived more downturns in his career than Joan Rivers has had facelifts, proved to everybody that you would have to combine Carson, Paar, Letterman, Philbin and Letterman just to fill one of his oversized clown shoes, may finally have met his match, the writers. What critics, Sideshow Bob, some bad career moves and a few bad jokes here and there couldn’t do, the writers of the long running Fox show, The Simpsons, may finally accomplish.

After it was revealed that an important character would be killed off in the season 26 premiere, speculation has been rife on the internet about who it might be. One can only imagine Hans Moleman  looking for a press agent or Matt Groening coming out publicly to say Hans is far too important to lose. Executive producer Al Jean first dropped the bombshell at the summer TCA tour but stopped short of naming which character would be meeting their end. The most obvious clue came when it was announced that the  name of the episode where the character meets their end would be titled “Clown in the Dumps.”

The show’s creators have been careful in their handling of the issue, fearing the same sort of reaction Family Guy got after their less than stellar planning when they killed off Brian the dog. It’s still not yet clear if Krusty is to be the one who’s going to be killed in the animated series and if his death is going to be permanent. There have been some rumors that Krusty could return in flashbacks, as well as a ghost. Al Jean made this announcement, presumably in an effort  soothe  audience reaction to Krusty’s passing. If they are smart, there are a million ways to spin this and story elements the writers can latch onto. I guess we’ll just have  to wait to see what unfolds.



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