J.J. Abrams Unveils The New X-Wing Design for Star Wars Episode VII

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J.J. Abrams unveils his new X-Wing design for Star Wars Episode VII in his most recent video for Force For Change, the charity organization headed by Lucasfilms. The film is offering a role in his next upcoming film Star Wars Episode VII. Basically, he is giving every Star Wars fanboy the chance of a lifetime. Just to make sure that J.J. has your full attention, he treats you to a first-look at the new version of the X-Wing starfighter.


The space craft looks beautiful. It is sleek and gritty, sexy and streamlined, and it’s perfect. Fans of the original trilogy will notice that there are a few changes to the rebel assault fighter presented in the background of the video. This is not the same T-65B that we all know. 5

The most noticeable change was made to the Engines. The wing-mounted engines seem to be two large engines instead of four smaller ones. This is a design, some have pointed out, that resembles the Incom Z-95 Headhunter. The engines seem to separate when the S-foils are locked in attack position. This is further supported by the fact that the wings have four wingtip lasers attached to them. Here is what they will look like in this official concept art (of the X-Wing Fighter from Episode VII) from the StarWars.com twitter account.


The next difference is the lack of an astromech droid. It is not known whether the droids are no longer incorporated, or that the droid assigned to this ship is simply not present in the video. A few other changes are a sleeker body and a smaller rear end. The real feel of time apparent on the body of the spacecraft is my favorite part. Texture makes this X-Wing feel real. It is marred, and the decals are scuffed and scraped with age.

This unveiling is just the start of things to come from J.J. and the Star Wars camp.There are many that have their doubts about the chances of the new trilogy being worthy, but it seems as though our beloved Star Wars is in great hands.



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