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NBC's Constantine Looks to Keep the Ball Rolling

Constantine is going to try to continue the recent string of successful comic book adaptations. The Walking Dead and Arrow have proved the viability of comic book adaptations to the small screen and Constantine hopes to take its place among its brethren. Adapted from the long running Vertigo comics horror entry, Hellblazer, the tone is more intense than your normal fare.

The character of Constantine is pretty much damned to hell when the series begins, the reasons of which will eventually be revealed. Constantine wants to redeem himself and do battle against demons and save the world. We first meet the character in an English psychiatric hospital. He was driven nuts after casting a botched spell that condemned a young woman to hell.

Constantine is driven by inner demons that both propel and torment him in equal parts. He is a con-man turned supernatural detective who is thrust into the role of protecting the world against the forces of evil. Welsh actor, Matt Ryan beat out 500 actors to land the role of John Constantine and is the one tasked with bringing the complex character to life. Ryan, to his credit, isn’t scared by the expectations that come with portraying such a well known and loved character.

Showrunner Daniel Cerone, formerly the showrunner of the Showtime series Dexter, wants to balance the CG effects with good old fashioned suspense saying, “We want a more insiduous darkness that creeps inside you as opposed to jumping on your back.” It has been stated that the TV series will be more faithful to the original source material than the 2005 film. However, a touch of controversy erupted when it was perceived that the show would eliminate the fact that Constantine was bi-sexual.

NBC hopes the can catch lightning in a bottle with Constantine and continue the string of comic book successes. The show will premiere October 24th on NBC.


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