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Bloodsucking Freaks: The Folly of Lending Credence to Bad Films

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To dignify a bad film like Bloodsucking Freaks with outrage is to lend it a credence it in no way deserves. The film was targeted by a group called The Women Against Pornography because they felt it promoted violence against women. Well, Bloodsucking Freaks provided a bevy of things to get offended by, but the violence against women was not one of them. The problem was it was so laughably bad and amateurish that it is hard to chastise the film. I don’t even think the filmmakers took it that seriously. Sure, there is violence against women and, in every single occasion, the violence, which is so interminable and badly done that I struggle to lend it such a strong term, is against a naked woman but is in no way deserving of moral outrage. Frankly, why waste your time or breath? I am fine with you accusing it of lacking taste but, even then the movie is called Bloodsucking Freaks.

The thing about film is that it is a medium of self expression. Sometimes that self-expression is worthless, like an uncle railing about foreigners ruining this country. Honestly, is there a point to taking offense? When you do take offense, you are legitimizing everything the work stands for. You are giving them the one thing that everyone wants, validation. Another such movie that comes to mind is I Spit on Your Grave, the original version. The film sparked a debate about its legitimacy and stayed in the public forum far longer than it deserved. Roger Ebert & Gene Siskel trashed the film on their television program.  A movement has started to give the film further credence by branding it a pro-feminist film. No doubt, making the director, Meir Zarchi, appear smarter than he actually was.

As with Bloodsucking Freaks, the ongoing debate gave I Spit on Your Grave a far longer shelf life than it should ever have had. It has sparked a debate that the director probably never dreamed in a million years he could inspire. Sure, both films are in very bad taste and by no means meant for a large audience, but it is as hard to justify the outrage against the films as it is to justify the films themselves.

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