The Legacy of Sharknado

The brilliant writers at Syfy saw a need. People clamored for a story where a shark and a tornado were combined and Sharknado was born. Syfy struck ratings gold, not to mention sinking to new levels of inanity but that’s a topic for a different day. Sharknado became the most talked about thing since nice NBC’s newest hit sitcom Bad Teacher. With the success of Sharknado, studios are tripping over themselves to prepare their own versions of Sharknado.  All over Hollywood, hardware stores are reporting a shortage of Elmer’s Glue and scotch tape. Unrelated? We at FlickSided have our doubts.

Of course, combinations are as old as Hollywood so this is by no anything new. Really early on, Hollywood explored the potential of the mash-up. In 1893, Thomas Edison combined political commentary with film to produce The Kiss, a short film about a guy giving a girl a kiss. While it may not seem like much, in 1893, that was akin to calling George W. Bush kind of stupid during his presidency. In a Flicksided exclusive, we take a look at the mash-ups in production and let you know what to look out for.

Cory Feldman and Daniel Day-Lewis star in a mash-up of the superhero genre and the odd couple. What DC comics didn’t want you know is Bruce Wayne had a slacker brother Joey Wayne. The film chronicles Bruce’s attempts to fight crime in Gotham City and not be driven crazy by his slob of a roommate. Batman can handle the criminal element of Gotham City but can he handle potato chips in the Batmobile seats or The Penguin passed out naked on his couch? Like Felix and Oscar from Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple, Bruce and Joey will have to get along even though they don’t see eye to eye and Bruce cannot stand food in the Batmobile. The superhero genre is sure to be turned on its head.

Hollywood is crackling with excitement. Not since Mickey Rourke and Fay Dunaway in Barfly has Hollywood stood up and took notice of a bad film by two directors who have less of a  concept about storytelling than a five-year old caught redhanded with his hand in the cookie jar. Lars von Trier and Michael Bay combine to tell the dark side of Optimus Prime – nymphomaniac. Before he saved the world, Optimus Prime had to deal with the sex addiction of his wife, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg. Optimus Prime’s world spins further out of control when he learns that one of the ones she had an affair with was Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. In a jealous rage, Optimus Prime kills Megatron and forces himself on Gainsbourg’s character, killing her as well, because he is sixty feet tall and Gainsbourg is a petite French woman.

But that doesn’t compare to the movie everyone is looking forward to. People are coming out in droves, putting away their cell phones, tablets and latest James Patterson novel, just to see the greatest mash-up of all. It will make Sharknado seem plausible. Lindsey Lohan and Justin Bieber combine. Two very disparate things meet together in one of the most surprising mash-ups possible that will surprise the world. Two of the best and most talented screw-ups come together and do something artistically relevant. Unfeasible? Well, that’s what they said about a sharks being caught in a tornado.

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