I Don't Get It: Channing Tatum

22 Jump Street

Can someone please tell me why Channing Tatum still has a career?  Chiseled abs should only get you so far.  Why was he plucked from the other endless drones of muscled-up models?

Step UpWhile only focusing on his biggest films, we got introduced to the Channing when Step Up was a surprise hit.  I don’t think it’s a movie people are re-watching, but for the simple fact that it was a hit the film was given a sequel.  With a name like Step Up 2: The Streets, how could the franchise fail?

Very simple.  No one cared.  The studio doubled down on the budget and brought in less sales.  That to me is a loss.  Let’s give poor Channing a break on Step Up as he was barely in the sequel. Let’s chalk that one to the studio trying to capitalize on a fluke.

Then Hollywood did something I am still racking my brain over.  Why was he given the lead role as Duke in a live-action G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra franchise?!  Didn’t we just establish that he couldn’t create a Step Up franchise?  Now you’re giving him our beloved G.I. Joes?!  Who at Paramount is the cause of this travesty?

Next up he did Dear John.  I can’t blame him for trying to target his only audience group (females). Although the movie was a mild success in theaters, it only scored a 28% at Rotten Tomato (which in my opinion is still generous). Then he did slurry of forgettable films with bit parts.  That’s where his career should have long trailed off…

Instead he was given Dear John as a way to dive back into his stapled Romance genre.  To put it mildly, the film was a terrible attempt at recreating The Notebook.  Although it had box office success it did little to his acting credibility.  At this point it was already the beginning of the end.  His ‘name’ alone was already giving him parts in movies that he had no business being in.  Why were other more talented actors being passed over for this guy?

21 Jump Street

Then comes 21 Jump Street… Why?  Just answer me that Columbia Pictures.  Why on everything that is cinematic genius was the Channing getting a lead role next to Jonah Hill in a re-boot franchise?  You could have cast anyone next to Jonah and he would have carried the movie all the same.  What was it about the Channing that the casting director said, “that’s our guy!  Who needs comedic timing when you have…” (I’m still waiting for an answer here, Columbia). Showgirls

Then came Magic Mike, something that makes total sense for the Channing.  It’s a male version of Showgirls.  Why couldn’t his acting career fade down the same path as Elizabeth Berkley?  At least she was Jessie Spano.

Ok, so apparently he’s done an admiral job in 22 Jump Street.  I haven’t seen it so I can’t really weigh in on this project.  Although he may have surprised many and was funny, I’m assuming he could have been replaced with a real comedian.  We should not be weary going into a comedy with one of our leads.  Leave the comedy to the pros.  Again, this is only based off my assumptions of his previous films.

Hollywood tried casting him in small projects and he’s proven he can’t carry a movie on his own.  He’s been given big budget films and he’s serviceable at best.  Why are we wasting big parts on this guy?!  Are his bulging biceps that mesmerizing that they overshadow poor acting?  Aren’t there more jacked-up dudes in the gym that we can swap out with this guy?

The Channing, with his wooden acting and his “tool” sense of humor, just doesn’t come off as charming.  I know I’m not in the minority here.  I need to hear from the people that are Team Channing, because frankly I just don’t get it.

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