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Is CBS Spreading NCIS Too Thin?

Another NCIS is coming. This time the good folks of New Orleans are in the crosshairs of CBS spinoff frenzy. CBS clearly has an acronym fetish. CSI and it’s two incarnations, CSI: New York and CSI: Miami, both ran for at least nine years. From 2004-2012, all three ran concurrently. Now, it is NCIS’s turn. The original, NCIS: Los Angeles, and NCIS: New Orleans will give CBS viewers all the NCIS they could possibly want. But are they spreading the brand too thin?

Well, CBS already has established precedence with the CSI brand. All three had respectable runs and the parent, CSI, continues on, entering into its 15th season this fall. CSI: Miami ran for ten seasons, ending in 2012, and CSI: New York ended the next year. It had tallied nine seasons to its credit. But what does it say about CBS? Twice, in a very short span, they’ve not only doubled down twice but three times on the same product. As evident by the success of CSI,  it didn’t hurt CBS the first time and it is very unlikely to hurt them with NCIS. Experienced television actor Scott Bakula heads the cast of NCIS: New Orleans and the network has scheduled it to follow its parent, NCIS, on Tuesday nights. Obviously, the network is doing all it can to insure the new show’s success.

NBC, as well, caught the spin-off mania with it’s flagship Law & Order. They spun the long running crime drama off twice successfully. Law & Order: Criminal Intent ran for ten years and the other child SVU continues to soldier on still. It will enter its 16th season this fall and shows no signs of slowing down. When you take into account that the original Law & Order ran for 20 seasons, it definitely shows that people do not grow sick of over saturation.

CBS has a good thing going with the NCIS franchise and will no doubt exploit it to the hilt. While not very exciting in the creative sense, it will, no doubt, be ratings gold for the network.

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