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Robin Williams, I Understand

I understand. I can only assume Michael J. Fox understands. A lot of people understand. For those of you wondering what I am talking about, today Robin Williams’ wife revealed he had early onset Parkinson’s. The disease, that first came to major prominence with Michael J. Fox, has no sure fire way to diagnose it. It starts off slow. One morning, you wake up and your pinky finger is twitching, involuntarily. You try to put it out of your mind but your muscles like the exercise, so more decide to join in.  You have just cleared one of the check marks of Parkinson’s, involuntary muscle movement and or hardening of the limbs. The hardening of the limbs is especially difficult. It makes writing all the more difficult.

Parkinson’s is also a disease of paralysis. When you are at a low point, you are paralyzed. Not only your body, but your mind as well. The things that once took thirty seconds now take five minutes to do. You may take putting your pants on for granted but, at one time, it may have taken the Parkinson patient a half hour, that is until he decided to give up wearing pants and stay in his sweatpants. It wears on you emotionally. There is no one who can pull you out of the doldrums Parkinson’s drags you into. It is a disease of the mind as much as the body. Medication pulls you out but it wears off and you fall back in.

Without a girl named Jennifer, I would not be here. She saved me.

So, Robin, I understand why you did what you did.. That, however, doesn’t mean I condone it.

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