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Quentin Tarantino: Give Him The Damn Award Already!

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Quentin Tarantino has won two Academy Awards for screenwriting and deservingly so. He, however, has yet to win an Academy Award for best director. He has been nominated three times for best director, Django Unchained, Inglorious Basterds, and Pulp Fiction.  In my view, maybe only Woody Allen is a better director than Tarantino, but even that is up for debate. Certainly, among his contemporaries, Tarantino is peerless. Only Robert Rodriquez could even come close but he has never, at any point, been consistent.

Tarantino is a joy to behold and, as with Woody Allen, we should feel grateful to have him. He is honestly a movie fan. Loves, honors and respects the tradition of making films and doesn’t just do it because it offers the biggest paycheck. The joy with which the man talks about cinema, I wish everyone had. The only other directors with an appreciation of cinema, who have the same level of gratitude just to be a part of the movie business, are Martin Scorsese and Tyler Perry. It is rare for a director to have been in the business for as long as Tarantino has and still keep his passion for other people’s work.

Normally, when you start to admire someone’s work, you read about the philosophies and immediately it just all goes down the drain. Not so with Tarantino in my eyes. He is a big fan of actresses Edwige Fenech and Pam Grier. That someone knows who Fenech is means a lot. She is not someone a casual movie fan will have any idea about. The same could be said about Pam Grier. The star of several 1970s Blaxploitation films, Tarantino starred Grier in the underrated Jackie Brown.

As well, his very literary approach to writing is well appreciated in my view. I am not a fan of long movies but rare is the occasion that a Tarantino film feels long. Unlike Michael Bay, who glues odds and ends together, Tarantino’s films never have you glancing at the clock wondering when the film is going to be over. Given the length of most of his films, that is a true statement to his ability to structure a screenplay’s narrative.  In 2013, a survey of 17 academics in England was carried out to discover which filmmakers had been referenced the most in essays and dissertations on film that had been marked in the previous five years. It revealed that Tarantino was the most-studied director in the UK, ahead of Christopher Nolan, Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg.

It is hardly surprising, given his knowledge of giallo actresses, Filipino cinema, as well as Italian, noir and well, you name it.

So, members of the Academy, next time  Quentin Tarantino is up for an Academy Award for best director, give him the damn award. Any man whose opinion on biopics is ” they are just big excuses for actors to win Oscars…. Even the most interesting person – if you are telling their life from beginning to end, it’s going to be a f@3king boring movie.” knows what he is talking about.

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