True Blood Series Finale: Means to an End

There is just one week that stands between us and the final episode of the HBO Series, True Blood. While I feel that I should be sad about saying goodbye to my favorite vampires that have steamed up my screen from June to August for the past six years, but if I’m honest I have to say that I’m relieved.

While I didn’t expect the final season to reach epic proportions of  paranormal greatness, seeing the show’s writers reach a little higher than the “Bill loves Sookie forever” tribute complete with flashbacks and a repeat of a love scene between the two that was first saw in season, would have been nice. Come on, Bill, you could have at least shared your bed after all you’ve put her through.

But I get it. The fans, including me, want to see Sookie end up with someone. While I would prefer it to by anyone but Bill, I’ll manage no matter who she winds up with.

But the sad thing is how the writers have come to the last episode. After starting with a highly charged first couple of episodes the season has seem to fizzle out and now seems to hanging on the one story line of Bill wanting to meet the true death while Sookie tries to convince him that her love for him is enough to continue to live. There’s also still the whole Sara Newlin is the Hep V cure, but that story line seems almost after thought compared to the epic paranormal romance between Bill and Sookie.

If you asked me right now how I thought next week’s episode was going to end, I would tell you that I have absolutely no idea. However, I find certainty in saying that it won’t be the ending that the show so rightly deserves.

For the past 6 years what has made True Blood so freaking great is that it has so boldly marched to the beat of its own drum. Premiering at a time when vampires sparkled and expressed their undying love to pale and badly dressed humans, True Blood broke the sugary sweet vampire image with their ruthless, violent, and awesomely hot vampires. They showed us that people, vampire, shifter, werewolf, fairy, or whatever could be crazy and freaky and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

I do want to say that I love the show and am sad to see it go. I really wanted to like the final season and am frustrated that I haven’t been able to find something about this season I love other than it will be ending in a week. Oh and there is always Eric Northman, he makes everything better.

The preview for next week’s season finale is below. I hope we can all find something in the series finale that will make us glad of  why we started watching in the first place.


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