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Why Kevin Smith is Ruining Johnny Depp’s Career

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Kevin Smith has been on a long stroll towards his inevitable career demise.  For his latest project,  he’s taking Johnny Depp’s career along with him in the upcoming flick Yoga Hosers.

It has long been established that Smith’s last credible movie was Dogma.  Was it perfect?  No, but it, at least, kept us loyal fans happy that he was our torchbearer for the 90’s young adult in all of us.  He spoke our language, for better or worse – he got us.

Then came Jay and Silent Bob… the beginning of the end.

It went against everything that he stood for in Clerks and Chasing Amy

In a big showing to flip off his fan base, he delivered us a giant epic sellout project.  It wasn’t just bad; it went against everything that he stood for in Clerks and Chasing Amy.

In an effort to appease the blockbuster Hollywood bosses that always downed him, Smith not only failed at producing a hit but he became a hypocrite to the remaining loyal fan base that still touted Mallrats as a good film.  The budget was overblown and the cast was littered with overexposed Hollywood fill-ins – even Dawson’s Creek James van der Beek  was in it for Pete sake.  It tried capitalizing on the latest fads with mundane jokes.

From then on, Smith has dolled out flop after flop.  From his failed attempt to capitalize on Bennifer in Jersey Girl, he then destroyed our sacred characters in Clerk II.

Enough’s enough.  Now Kevin Smith is teaming up with Depp in an action-comedy starring both of their daughters in the leads.  In case you weren’t turned off enough, the plot is about two teenage yoga enthusiasts who team up with a legendary man-hunter.  They battle with an ancient evil presence that is threatening their major party plans… Yikes!

Not only am I disappointed in Johnny Depp for going anywhere near Smith at this point in his career (Depp needs a hit movie as bad as Captain Sparrow needs a bottle of rum), but I’m more angry that Smith is allowed to even pitch to an A-list actor.  He already ruined my taste in his movies, now he wants to do the same to Depp who is hanging on by a thread?

The movie is going to be bad.  There’s no denying that.  Look at Smith’s track record and that’s all the evidence you’ll need.  I once considered Smith a true filmmaker who had a “real” voice, now he’s stuck repeating himself with documentaries about mockumentaries.  The guy lost himself long ago.

Does he still have it in him to produce another good flick?  Simple answer, no.  If he did then there’d be glimpses of it in the last few projects.  It feels like every new film he directs gets worse.

I feel bad for Johnny because this film won’t end well for him.  Somewhere along the line he is receiving some bad advice because Smith is not the way to go.  If Johnny wanted his daughter to be in a movie, great!  I have no qualms with that.  Just pick another filmmaker to invest your daughter’s career into or Kevin Smith will be the death of both of your careers.

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