The New Trailer for Gabe Ibáñez’s "Autómata" Looks Amazing!

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The new trailer for Gabe Ibáñez’s “Autómata” looks amazing! This trailer instantly makes my mind begin to reference films like “I, Robot,” “Elysium,” “District 9,” and “Bladerunner.” These are not bad movies to be associated with!

“Autómata” is a film that seems to finally get Isaac Asimov’s laws of robotics right. This has me uber-excited! I have lived through many films that look to get the laws of robotics right, only to be let down time and time again.


The robots in the trailer feel real. Their design is superb. They don’t attempt to resemble humans. They are just simply machines that look like robots. THANK YOU!!!!

Antonio Banderas is the star of this film, as Jacq Vaucan, an insurance agent of ROC robotics corporation, who routinely investigates the case of manipulating a robot. The trailer leads us to believe that robots develop a conscious, something that can only mean certain doom for humanity.

Doesn’t this look sweet?! It reminds me of the baby that “I,Robot,” and “District 9” had. I know I have said this already, but I am completely stoked for this movie. This trailer has me giddy like a school girl!

Here is the official synopsis of the film:1ad9fe2c9be13ccd671c6481f216990e_L

 Fast forward fifty years into the future, planet earth is in the midst of gradual desertification. Mankind struggles to survive as the environment deteriorates and the slow regression of the human race begins in “Autómata.” On the brink of life and the reality of

death, technology combats the prevailing uncertainty and fear with the creation of the first quantum android, the “Autómata” Pilgrim 7000. Designed to bring support to society’s plight, man and robot reveal what it means to co-exist in a culture defined by human nature.

The descent of civilization is juxtaposed by the rise of ROC, the corporation at the helm of robotic intelligence. Despite the demise of humanity, the company has set forth security protocols to ensure mankind always maintains control over the manufactured population.

As ROC insurance agent, Jacq Vaucan (Antonio Banderas) routinely investigates cases and complaints surrounding defective androids, he begins to uncover the secrets behind who is really manipulating the “Autómata” Pilgrim 7000. Jacq’s own suspicions propel the mystery— uncovering a truth that is far more complex than the make or model of any machine.

“Autómata” hits theaters and On Demand simultaneously on October 10th.


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