Fringe: The Best Show You Stopped Watching

There are seldom shows that come around that capture the imagination like “Fringe” did for me. I was hooked from the first episode. Although it may have been a little hard to follow at times, and some of you may have quit the show all together, I am here to tell you that the show was a brilliant example of the right way to do a science fiction show.Fringe-Season-2-fringe-8996659-1920-1200

I do have a small confession: I watched the first three episodes of the series, then was distracted by the allure of a new way to view television, streaming Netflix. I then spent my nights scouring the obese movie and television library that Netflix had to offer.

It was blissful at first, like all new relationships. Then, unfortunately, the honeymoon was over. I hit the Netflix wall. I could not find a single thing left to watch that I might enjoy. I needed a show that would inspire me, and peak my imagination. I needed something that I could look forward to. I NEEDED TO NERD-OUT AGAIN!

That was when I realized that I had forgotten about a show that, for a brief moment, gave me a simple satisfaction that I had attempted to get with “Heroes” and a compendium of USA Network shows. I started to watch “Fringe” once upon a time, and had left it without a second thought…until now.

Fringe_Keyart1_1920x1080I immediately went searching for it, and luckily, Netflix had just added it to their streaming library. I instantly dove back into the story line. (see what I did there?) I realized that I had made a huge mistake skipping out on this show for so long. If you haven’t considered getting into this show, now is the time to start. “Fringe” is a science fiction masterpiece. It is a show that resembles “The X-Files,” but takes that idea and then feeds it an overdose of LSD.

You must see this show! To sum it up in a few seconds would not even chip the surface. It is a show about three unlikely people who cross paths: A madman, his conman son, and an FBI agent. They experience things that are beyond our realm of reality, and whose paths are woven together by fate. Their decisions will affect not only the fate of our world, but the fate of our very own alternate reality as well.

There are a few things you need to understand before you dive into this show blind.

Open your mind up to the idea that anything is possible. On the show, many times they will mention how, ‘The possibilities are limitless.’ or ‘When you have crossed out the possible, the impossible doesn’t seem so improbable.’ Open your mind to the idea that there might be something more, lying just out of your understanding.

Be patient. This show may seem overwhelming at times, or seem like it is going nowhere. When you fell like this, just keep watching, some plot points take a while to round out. Patience is going to be your biggest ally here.FringeWalter_1335482750

This show has amazing writers. It was in great hands, after all J.J. Abrams was the shows creator. His reputation alone is strong enough to support this ideal. The shows plot is very, very intricate, but don’t let it intimidate you. It is laced with hints, from the title screen all the way to the credits. This is one of the shows strongest aspects. I LOVE IT.

Get out and watch this show. Fall in love with Dr. Bishop and his insatiable love of Red Vines, feel the loss of a partner with Olivia Dunham, and spend your free time trying to find out what Peter Bishop’s intents are, and why he is helping his father after being away for years.

This show is beautiful and fun. “Fringe” never let me down, although there was a time that I doubted I should continue to watch. I am so very glad that I did, because the end was amazing.

Enjoy the show.

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