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Emmy Awards: Create a Dramedy Category

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With the 66th Annual Emmy Awards airing on NBC tonight, it’s about time that the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences create a Dramedy category for television.

Just as a category for Outstanding Comedy Movie is long overdue in the eyes of the Academy Awards, so is the Outstanding Dramedy Series in television. When one things of comedy, they think of laughs, not shows that are a head on mix of comedy and drama.

Shows such as Nurse Jackie and Orange is the New Black do not exactly fit the mold of a comedy. I have a background in comedy and I haven’t exactly been laughing while I watch the Netflix dramedy.

For hour-long series, shows can only be submitted as a drama or comedy unless they meet the requirements to be submitted as a miniseries. Let’s face it, Orange is the New Black would have been better off being submitted as a drama but Netflix didn’t do that because of political thriller House of Cards. However, the plan was to submit them as a drama according to a 2013 article of TV Line. The series competed in the drama category at the 71st Golden Globe Awards ceremony earlier this year while competing as a comedy at this year’s Emmys.

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