'True Blood' Finale: "Thank You"

In the final moments of True Blood’s  finale, “Thank You” on Sunday, all I could think was is this really it?  After seven seasons were we really going to end with a family dinner with everyone sharing and caring and acting like everything is all right in the world?

No, no, no. True Blood doesn’t end with a cool Led Zeppelin song playing over beer and hamburgers among friends,  it ends with blood, fangs, and chaos.

I mean I hate to ungrateful and dump on the happy ending that they so conveniently provided for us, but come on, you’ve got to admit this was nowhere near True Blood’s style.

As I said last week there were really only two-story lines to wrap up, that of Sara Newlin’s blood which involved Mr. Gus Jr. and his Japanese gangsters along with Pam and Eric. Then there is the whole “Sookie loves Bill” and is going to keep him from meeting the true death.

Things get settled pretty quickly with Newlin and the Japanese as Eric and Pam set Sarah free, but not after having her drink Pam’s blood that would allow Sarah to be “tracked,” and then took out Gus and the rest of his gang.

We wouldn’t see anymore of the Eric and Pam until the end of the show where, fast forward a few years, we see our Viking and his southern progeny in a TV infomercial in which Eric and Pam promote their new product,  New Blood.

The clever duo shares an elaborate tale about how they were unable to hang onto Sarah Newlin, but managed to scrape together enough of her blood to perfect their commercially available Hep-V cure.

However, just is being served for Newlin as she is chained up in the basement at Fangtasia, losing her mind while being rented out to thirsty vampires who pay $100,000 for a minute with their teeth in her veins.

Now this was a” true” True Blood ending. It’s not perfect and a definitely messed up, which makes it classic True Blood. This is not Twilight folks, and Eric is certainly no Edward Cullen, and thank goodness for that.

Now on to the second story line and probably one of the most drawn out and ridiculous death scenes ever in a paranormal series finale.

So while Bill decided last week that it was time to meet the true death, he’s decided this week that Sookie needs to be the one to carry out his wish of meeting maker by zapping him with her fairy light.

According to Bill the reasoning behind Sookie’s  “zapping” him would be that she could kill two birds with one zap of fairy power by giving him the death he feels he deserves while using up the rest of her powers, which would allow her to go on to living a “normal” life.

This “request” also leads to an impromptu wedding between Hoyt and Jessica which is just weird and uncomfortable and again, totally not True Blood. But just so I’m not leaving anything out, Hoyt and Jessica get married in Bill’s house where Andy presides over the ceremony with a small group of witnesses that include Holy, Arlene, Sookie, Jason, and Bill.

Ok, that’s over with.

So let’s fast forward to the when it’s time to kill Bill. For us Eric lovers, we are finally getting rid of him once and for all. I mean, yes, it’s the last episode of the whole series, but we’ll take what we can get.

Well, while we finally got to see the demise of “vampire Bill” it wasn’t without another seriously drawn scene out between Sookie and Bill confessing love and not being able to say goodbye to each other.

Eventually Sookie tells him she’s not going to use all of her fairy power on him and instead decides to stake him with part of a shovel handle and  voilà, so long, Bill.

As a long time fan of the show, I guess I knew this was how it had to end. It started with Bill and Sookie coming together and if you think about it, if they hadn’t “connected” then there would be no True Blood so it had to end with them. While a little over the top, I get it and it’s OK.

Then we fast forward a few years where the remaining “good” characters have gathered for Thanksgiving. Jason is there with Brigette and their three kids; Sam Merlotte with lady and little girl; Lafayette and James; Lettie Mae and Rev. Daniels and Arlene with the vampire, Keith. Everyone is happy and happy to see one another.

The big news is that Sookie is pregnant, and the show fades to black just as she slips one arm across the back of some random dude, with sideburns.

I’ll admit that I kept waiting and even hoping for something to blow up and blood and body parts to go flying even until the very end before the credits began to roll.

Talk about a True Blood bummer. While there is nothing wrong with a happy ending, but it just didn’t seem right for the crazy paranormal world of True Blood.

Like I said last week, I loved this show for its craziness, unpredictability, and in your face intensity. I still love the show, the characters, and especially Charlaine Harris who gave us this crazy world in the first place.

While I wasn’t crazy about the finale, I was true to the end and now have to say, so long Bon Temps, it was awesome.



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