The Films of David Fincher: His Commercials (video)

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David Fincher has been directing feature films since appearing on the cinematic horizon as the director of Fox’s much-maligned “Alien 3″ in 1992. Since then, he has gone on to assemble a body of work not dissimilar to Alfred Hitchcock, Adrian Lyne, Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch in terms of inspiration, tone and style and has introduced his audience to memorable visions to match the unconventional tales of suspense and drama he’s helmed.  In doing so, he has not only transformed himself into one of the best working directors in Hollywood, but one of the best directors of all-time.

But before the fame and acclaim (as well as October’s “Gone Girl”), Fincher started his career in film with Industrial Light + Magic as an effects artist and — much like his peers, Russell Mulcahy, Michael Bay, Spike Jonze, and Steve Barron (just to name a few) — made his directorial debut through the world of short work like commercials and music videos.

As much as I’d love to put together a decade-by-decade retrospective on his directorial career (that is, everything he’s done), it’s actually quite difficult due to the fact that verification that he actually directed much of the earlier stuff he’s credited for is hard to come by.

So, for the first couple parts of this five-part series, we will go through Fincher’s advertising and music video career, based on what I know to be accurate.

The first part of the Director’s Spotlight focuses on his work in advertising and features, what I believe to be, David Fincher’s Ten Best Commercial Spots…in no particular order…

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