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"The Fappening": An Attack On Your Privacy

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The Fappening: An Attack on Privacy

Jennifer Lawrence, one of the many victims of The “Fappening”.


The “Fappening” is an attack on our privacy and my condolences go out to Jennifer Lawrence and the many actresses who were wronged by this violent act. I wholeheartedly believe that the person responsible for this act should be brought to justice. I think it is important as American citizens to understand that it is not the actresses who made the mistake of taking nude photos; the crime falls upon the hacker who abused his power to destroy their  privacy for his own personal gain. This act made me realize that we should all take a deep look at our own privacy protection. I fear that we too are guilty. Guilty of knowingly exploiting our own privacy for social gain.


The society we live in values the social lifestyle above all else. Social media has taken over the lives of millions of people and in doing so we have become numb to protecting our own privacy. Young adults have died attempting to take an awesome selfie for their friends. We allow Facebook applications to take bits and pieces of our identity for marketing purposes, smartphones to watch our location, all coming at the cost of our own privacy. Our greatest forms of entertainment have numbed us to the dire consequences of our lack of online privacy. Sadly, we don’t notice until it’s too late.

The “Fappening” is an example of just that. Taking nude photos is a right that everyone is entitled to, but I can remember just how dangerous nude photos can be. When I was in high school a nude photo of a girl went viral. A girl from a local high school took a nude picture, sent it to her boyfriend, and the picture spread to the high schools throughout the area. Instead of claiming it a violation of privacy,all the news networks created the term “sexting”. This poor girl was exploited by her own peers on a large-scale. Yet instead of focusing on the loss of privacy, our media focused on creating a new “fad” to entertain their adult audience. This is an abuse of power and one of the many reasons why privacy is no longer respected.

Now more than ever we have to be responsible for our actions if we want to have any hope at securing our privacy. No one can watch out for your personal life but you. The government can’t control hackers, let alone protect themselves, so we can’t rely on them to bring justice. What can we do to protect ourselves and our privacy? Take your personal privacy seriously. When you download a new application for your phone, don’t just put in the information it asks for without seriously considering the consequences. It is our duty to be more self-aware of our privacy by taking conscious steps to get there. The sad truth is that no one else will protect your privacy but you.

Be more conscientious of your privacy and the privacy of others. Help create a world where respect for each other’s privacy comes before social media. You owe it to yourself  and to the women who were victimized by attacks on these attacks. We owe it to ourselves to create a world where our privacy is safe, protected, and respected.

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