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Jennifer Lawrence Should Tell The Media To Go F-Themselves

In 1952 a scandal was brewing at Fox. Two nude photos of Marilyn Monroe surfaced. Although no one knew for sure it was her, there was rampant speculation. Fox executives met and debated what to do. Remember, this was the 1950s, when the only way possible for a young man to see a naked woman was to get married or through a key hole or, of course, sex. This could have ended Marilyn Monroe’s career. The recent theft of the nude pictures by the hacker will not end any of the ladies affected careers. I am not condoning the hacking or the subsequent dumping of the said pictures on the internet. The hacker will be caught and be in a lot of trouble.

However, to get back to Marilyn Monroe, she suggested that they admit she posed for the photographs but emphasize that she did so because she had no money to pay rent. She had no apologize for the pictures and had no need to do so. The circumstances in Jennifer Lawrence’s case are entirely different. They, along with the others affected, were personal property and none of them need money. The sentiment, however, should be the same. Lawrence and the others do not need offer any explanation. To play the victim, however, is to only empower the hacker. They were victims but in the end Lawrence should say, “They were picture. I was naked. So, f**king what?” Everyone’s sympathy is with Jennifer Lawrence already. She can transcend the situation by being defiant and empower women everywhere by saying “This jerk took something from me but I am stronger than him.”

It will not make this go away, in that somewhere, someone will have the pictures and, given the shocking level of ineptitude that some of these sites pass off as security, it will happen again. The point is, as I sit in the library typing this out, I hear one woman say to another, “I’m scared to even bank online.”

The news media scares you right and left with all these stories. Either you let it rule you, or say, “F**k you.”



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